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Get sales, leads,
and product reviews that you control!
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Elite Seller Funnels that builds a customer database
Quickly build your customer database

Using funnels allows you to quickly build up a list of new customers or follow up with current buyers after a sale.
Download or import emails, phone numbers, and more to your favorite software.

Increase your sales and rankings

Funnels drive full-priced sales by walking leads through the process of searching "keywords" on Amazon and finding your product. Rotate keywords, track ranks, and split traffic all in one place.

The difference between Amazon funnels and PPC
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The difference between Amazon funnels and PPC
Be in control of your Amazon launches!
Use any traffic source or list

Drive traffic from Facebook, Google, Instagram or anywhere, and quickly build your list by sending people into your funnel. These dynamic funnels teach your customers how to find your products using the method of your choice: Search-Find-Buy, Super URLs, Direct URLs, Social Searching, and VIP Customers.

Block scammers

Our sophisticated software uses continuously collected data from every funnel to find people trying to take advantage of the system. Your funnel can be set to avoid certain IPs, bad emails, VPNs, blacklists, geo-blocking, and more all with the flick of a switch. Rest assured, we are looking to protect your marketing funnels and dollars!

Smart Search-Find-Buy with automatic rank tracking

Set up your Search-Find-Buy funnels and let our smart funnel instantly switch from keyword embedded link to Search-Find-Buy once your targeted keyword is on page one—three.

Аutomatic Gift card rebates

After the smart funnel verifies the order, we will issue a gift card rebate to the customer via email. Take the pain out of manual processes and automate it.

See all your customers and leads in one place

Each funnel collects its own data into a list. Export this data and use it anywhere. Link funnels to Zapier and send it to your email provider, Google Sheets, or anywhere you want.

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Landing pages. Reimagined.
We took the best things from chatbots and landing pages and created these dynamic funnels. Each step works like micro landing pages taking the customer on a journey through predefined steps. Quickly collect email addresses, phone numbers, order numbers, and more.
Follow-up with Email and SMS

Every lead that enters your funnel can re-access the last step they were on at any time with custom sessions. What’s even better, if a lead forgets to complete a step, we can remind them to come back via email and/or SMS to complete the steps auto-magically.

Follow-up Funnels with Email and SMS
Re-engage your customers

Ask them about anything, request feedback or reviews, create a survey, send them special offers; your question will be heard.

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Funnels to re-engage with your customers
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Yep, we got
you covered.
  • Automated gift card distribution

  • Automated coupon distribution

  • Automated feedback follow-up

  • Automated order verification

  • Automated scammer blocking shield

  • Automated funnel continuation

  • Automated email and SMS verification

  • Automated funnels design with content

  • Automated funnel abandonment re-engagement

  • Automated list building

What our users are saying

Wow, Elite Seller funnels changed the game! I was struggling to launch products with Manychat, and this is so much better!

Brand owner and influencer

This might be the last launching software I’ll ever need. No account blocks or people telling me what I can put in my funnels. Best of all, it’s automated, saving my team so much time.

Amazon Seller

Funnels are so ingenious but simple. Creating a launch funnel is so easy. I really don’t want to share this new trick.

Brand Owner

Due to the recent ManyChat restrictions in the EU, we weren't able to launch our products properly anymore, but the Funnels solved that problem for us. We're now independent from FB Messenger.

Torsten Willms
Vivere GmbH
Still looking
for more 
  • Own your data — Build your brand’s audience list and keep it

  • Use your own custom domains (or ours)

  • Connect with funnel leads via email and SMS

  • Export your data or use Zapier

  • Google Analytics support

  • Facebook pixel integration

  • Access funnels from custom URLs or QR codes

  • Not limited to Facebook Messenger for communications

  • Save, clone, and share funnels with others

  • QR Codes and URLs instantly created

  • View funnel analytics like Leads, Sessions, Completions & more!

  • JS messengers support

Is it easy to use?
Yes, we made this simple.
Can I use my own domain?
Yes, you can host this on your own subdomain.
Do I need to connect my Amazon account?
Yes, so that we can do the automated order verification and send out gift cards.
How many funnels can I have?
How many leads can I collect?
It depends on your plan, but it starts at 10,000 leads included.
Can I customize the emails or funnel copy?
Yes, all the content and images are customizable.
Can I install my Facebook or Google pixel?
Yes, we accept all pixels, and every step has custom events you can track.
Can I install a chat widget so we can talk to customers live?
Yes, install any javascript chat widget you like so your customer service people can help answer any questions.
Can I export my data?
Yes, each funnel has a spreadsheet download.

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