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Elite Seller plans with integrated Manychat:
Get started for free!
Reach new buyers with powerful integration Elite Seller & Manychat
Combine Elite Seller with Manychat and your Facebook Ads. Use Click-to-Messenger Ads to send prospects into Messenger,
where you can qualify leads and keep the conversation going.
Red square with message emoji
20 Billion

Facebook messages are exchanged
between business and users monthly.

Yellow square with people emoji
1.3 Billion

Messenger users globally,
expected to grow to 2.4 billion.

Blue square with email sent emoji

Better open rate
than email marketing.

Purple square with percentage sign emoji

Better conversion rate
than email marketing.

See all your stats in one place
Easily track your campaigns, leads, claims, and costs to gain instant visibility to your stars.
Elite Seller Manychat Dashborard
Elite Seller Smart “Search-Find-Buy”
Smart “Search-Find-Buy”

Automatically switch between super-URL's and search find buy flows based on keyword ranking.

Elite Seller Keyword rank tracking
Keyword rank tracking

Automate the tedious process of tracking your target keywords rankings while in launch mode.

Elite Seller exporting data tool
Export your customer data

Collect all your customers data with ease and export it to CSV so you can use it in other parts of your business.

Order verification

Elite Seller instantly verifies order information by checking our database of all orders in your seller accounts.

Rebate Gift Card distribution

No more manual payment
processing to buyers. When orders
are verified, we send out gift cards.

Sending reminder Emails / SMS

Use email and SMS with your flows to abide by the facebook 24+1 rules.
This allows you to reach your buyers
in multiple ways.

Save time with Elite Seller
& Manychat automations

With our automation, you can set up, manage, and track your campaigns all within Elite Seller. Elite Seller handles all the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing!

Blacklisting of bad buyers

With our global and account based blacklists you can keep out buyers
that might try to take advantage of your promotions.

Fraud detection

Our smart system is constantly checking for fraud and messenger users that might try to use different accounts, IPs or other tools to gain access to your promotions.

Real-time sales tax reimbursement

Smart rebate campaigns
double-check actual order data making sure to only send actual taxes paid by the buyer.

How does it work? Five-minute integrated chat-bot automatic launch
Just get any Elite Seller plan with Manyсhat to start

Then add your brand information
and do the settings to start.

Get started for free!
Elite Seller chat-bot automatic launch step 1
Create a Campaign

Add product details, daily limits, and keywords.

Elite Seller chat-bot automatic launch step 2
Connect to Manyсhat

Install our custom template into your Manyсhat page.

Elite Seller chat-bot automatic launch final step
Launch Facebook Ad!

Create your Ad, and watch your rankings soar in our powerful dashboard!

Want to see it in action? Launch Manychat campaign in minutes
Everything you need to know how launch Manychat campaign and Facebook Ad in less than 10 minutes.
Our campaigns are constantly tested and improved
Amazon and Facebook are working against inappropriate usage. You can be safe with our campaigns since they are created by professionals and tested everyday to avoid any problems with your Amazon and Facebook accounts.
Elite Seller Manychat rules monitoring

We constantly monitor the rules of Facebook, making sure our flows up to the standards.

Compatible markets
Elite Seller Manychat Compatible Markets

Our Manychat campaigns are professionaly translated into the wide range of languages and ready to work with all the marketplaces.

Crowdsourced flows
Elite Seller Crowdsourced flows

Each template is tested and proven to work with e-commece worldwide.

Here is more

APIs access

Chat with buyers

Collect feedbacks

Multiple payment methods
for campaigns

Multiple template automations

Send out manual gift cards

Add bonus money

Include taxes

Elite Seller is the powerful tool to manage, research and automate your entire Amazon business
Everything in one place
  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple users
  • Custom permissions
Manage tools
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Unlimited products
  • Products, customers, and
  • Orders manager
Research tools
  • Keyword tracker
  • Reverse ASIN+
  • Keywords
Automate tools
  • Alerts
  • Email automation
  • Landing pages
Does using automated rebates for Amazon product launch work?
Using rebates to launch your products on Amazon is the most efficient way known to the Amazon sellers community. This method beats the PPC-only launch and deep-discount coupon code launch both by price and efficiency. However, this should be done correctly. We are here to help you.
Are Rebates Amazon TOS compliant?
Rebates are not against TOS. However, asking for a review as a condition for giving a refund is against TOS. You have to be careful with your wording and flows to stay TOS compliant, and we are here to help you.
What 3rd-party software do I need?
You will need an Amazon Seller account, a Facebook Ad account, and a Manychat Pro account.
How does rebate flow work?
Rebate flow is entirely automated. You can watch our easy-to-follow tutorial on how to set up rebate flow in under 10 minutes.
What URL do you use?
You can use organic Search Find Buy (SFB), our autogenerated super URLs, or any other URL of your preference. If your product is new, you may want to use a super URL first. If it is ranking, you may want to use an Organic SFB option. You can automate these decisions through our software since our bot knows if your product ranks or not.
Can I use this software to improve PPC?
If you bid on your keyword on Amazon and use an SFB rebate launch simultaneously, your ads will be clicked by your new customers that you will bring from your chatbot. You will get a very low ACoS if you combine PPC with a chatbot in the right way. This strategy will increase your advertising score, and all your ads will be cheaper.
Does Elite Seller prevent rebate scammers?
We help our customers fight scammers by providing automated access to our Scammer Shield. This shield will spot most of the potential scammers and prevent them from getting your rebates.
What are the rebate fees?
There is a 3% rebate fee.
How many Amazon Storefronts can I connect?
You can connect as many Amazon Storefronts as your plan includes. Please review our plans.
Do you offer keyword tracking?
Yes. Elite Seller is a Suite of Tools that includes Keyword Tracking. You can track your keywords hourly. Keyword tracking is integrated with the Manychat module of our software.
Will I get my customer data?
Yes. All the data is yours. You can export it and use it for your marketing campaigns, launching a new product, communicating with the customer, etc. Since these customers came to your flow before they became Amazon customers, they are your customers. You can do with the data whatever you want.
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