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How does the Manychat payment system work?

Each campaign has its own wallet, and there is a general wallet through which you can fund your campaigns.

Each time you create a campaign, you can either choose your credit card to replenish the funds each time a rebate gets claimed with a 4% fee, or use the current balance in your general wallet first and then, credit card.

When your rebate campaign is completed (or if you terminate it), the system automatically will first check how many claims you had for that rebate campaign. According to the number of claims you got, the system will block the corresponding amount of money in your rebate wallet to pay out buyers.

You can refund the remaining money for that campaign to your general wallet and use it for future campaigns.

What is the platform commission?

There is a 3% platform commission per rebate claim.

How can I stop my campaign?

You can pause your campaign for a moment and reactivate it later or can end your campaign at any time by clicking on the campaign’s menu>>Terminate campaign.

Manychat FAQ-Stop Campaign

Do I need to launch a new campaign if I want to change the dates of my campaign?

No, you can just edit the end date of your campaign and it will be updated.

Can I get a refund?

You can only refund your campaign balance to the general wallet, and use that money for launching new campaigns.

What can I do with the remaining balance in my campaign wallet?

In the campaign wallet, you can request a refund to your general wallet for future campaigns.

Manychat FAQ-Refund

What is the ‘force payout’ option for?

If you notice that one of your campaigns has the ‘Pending Payouts’ status, but all the orders have been already shipped and most of the rebates have been paid, you can use the ‘force payout’ option to send the rebate to the customer which status has been ‘Reserved’ for a longer period than expected.

Manychat FAQ-Force Payout

Can I launch multiple campaigns at the same time?

Sure, each campaign will have its own campaign keys, flows, and settings. Just make sure to install and connect each Manychat template correctly.

Do I need to manually approve the rebates? Or can I process them manually?

No, both flow and our system will process the rebates. You can follow this process in the ‘claims’ section per campaign.

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