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Customer segments

Divide your customers into small groups of people who share similar characteristics such as home address, city, zip codes, spending habits. This will allow you to focus on each segment individually, and tailor offerings to the segments that are most profitable.

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Detailed customers’ data

Instantly view all your customers’ information: name, address, zip code, order history, the amount spent, discount received, and more. New customers that match the segment’s conditions will be automatically added to the group.

AND‌ ‌condition‌

Combine ‌customers‌ ‌who‌ ‌strictly‌ ‌comply‌ ‌with‌ ‌the‌ ‌established‌ ‌conditions.‌ ‌

OR‌ ‌condition

Combine customers who comply with one condition OR the other.


Apply unique filters for each new customer segment you create.

Export data per segment

Effortlessly export your customer data and analyze live segments of customers’ actions or characteristics. Choose between 4 different types of export options: basic, extended, Facebook, or email.

  • Who should use Elite Seller?

    Elite Seller was designed specifically for growing Amazon sellers and agencies managing one or many accounts and brands across multiple marketplaces. Our dynamic software and exclusive seller tools allow you to have a comprehensive birds-eye view of all your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Is there a limit on seller accounts?

    The total amount of accounts you can manage is determined by the plan you have.

  • Why do I need Elite Seller?

    Amazon Seller Central is limited and inefficient in managing account information. As a result, sellers need to use many varied software platforms to keep tabs on all of their performance indicators, customers, and products. With Elite Seller, you’ll have an all-in-one suite of tools to manage and grow your entire Amazon Business.

  • Why is Elite Seller unique?

    We are a team of CEOs, developers, designers, and veteran top Amazon sellers. In tandem with the Million Dollar Seller (MDS) community, we have developed every single feature and tool to solve the common pain points experienced by top sellers.

  • How does the site work?

    Elite Seller directly connects to Amazon Seller Central. Once you’re signed in and add your Seller Accounts, you will be able to see all the desired metrics, trends, and statistics, manage customers, products and orders, and other amazing tools to boost your listings and sales, launch ManyChat rebate campaigns, warranty-follow up and rebate funnels, and much more!

  • Which marketplaces are supported?

    EliteSeller is currently suited for the following Amazon marketplaces: USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France.


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Testimonials What our users are saying

“Amazing feature rich platform for serious sellers. We’ve been able to knock out 3-4 other apps that we no longer use and roll them into this which has been great.”

Allan Stevens

Allan Stevens

Co-Founder, CEO at KOS Naturals

These tools represent the absolute pinnacle of research, development, and functionality. In any trade and industry, there are amateur level tools, and there are professional level tools.

This software represents the best in class for eCommerce and Amazon sellers.

Clint Hedin

Clint Hedin

Supplement Brand Owner

Elite Seller has been instrumental in running our amazon management agency. All the features work together to simplify the management and reporting process.

Adam Weiler

Adam Weiler

CEO Sunken Stone

What I like about Elite Seller are highly customizable dashboards. Ability to track any KPI you want and set up multiple dashboards by the marketplace for each of these KPI’s. I haven’t seen something that comparable from other software in terms of seeing data all in one place the way you want to see it.

Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker

Experienced Amazon Seller

Elite Seller is the only software made for Amazon Account Management companies/agencies like ours. Being able to have customizable dashboards across multiple accounts is essential for us.

Also, I like the feature that allows sharing limited access to various tools for VAs, employees or customers.

James Crisp

James Crisp

Brand Management Agency

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