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Amazon product inserts & packaging templates with QR CodesAmazon product inserts & packaging templates with QR Codes
Create QR Codes & Manage Your Links
Elite Seller yellow QR code with red dots Elite Seller yellow QR code with red dots

Create visually appealing high quality QR codes and use them on your product inserts or packaging. Add or create any URL or URL rotator. Update your links any time, without the need to change your QR codes.

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Elite Seller QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator

Generate brand-matching designs for your QR codes in minutes, without any coding. Simply add your logo, customize the shape and form of the corner elements, apply the fonts and colors of choice and create unique QR codes to fit your campaign and corporate identity. You can either go with a simple design, or you can try to stand out!

Elite Seller QR Code Generator
Built-in Link Rotator

Rotate different URLs within the same code and keep your campaigns up-to-date by using the random, weighted, or sequential rotation method.

High-Quality QR Codes

Download the QR codes in various high resolutions formats such as SVG, PDF, or EPS, and export to PNGs to get a high print quality.

Dynamic QR Codes

Change a part – not the entire code! The Dynamic QR codes give you the flexibility to avoid invalid URLs by editing or changing the already published QR code anytime you need it!

  • Is this a FREE software?

    QR Codes and Links is a free module within Elite Seller — the most advanced suite of tools for Amazon sellers.

  • Which marketplaces are supported?

    EliteSeller is currently suited for the following Amazon marketplaces: USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, & Mexico, France.

  • Where do I use these QR Codes and Links?

    The Elite Seller QR Codes are being used by Amazon sellers on their inserts and packaging.

  • What is so special about the links?

    Links that you use in our QR Codes are dynamic. They can also be used as stand-alone (separate links without the QR code part. What makes them special is that you can replace the rotated links any time without the need to update the QR code, or the link rotator.


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Testimonials What our users are saying

“Amazing feature rich platform for serious sellers. We’ve been able to knock out 3-4 other apps that we no longer use and roll them into this which has been great.”

Allan Stevens

Allan Stevens

Co-Founder, CEO at KOS Naturals

These tools represent the absolute pinnacle of research, development, and functionality. In any trade and industry, there are amateur level tools, and there are professional level tools.

This software represents the best in class for eCommerce and Amazon sellers.

Clint Hedin

Clint Hedin

Supplement Brand Owner

Elite Seller has been instrumental in running our amazon management agency. All the features work together to simplify the management and reporting process.

Adam Weiler

Adam Weiler

CEO Sunken Stone

What I like about Elite Seller are highly customizable dashboards. Ability to track any KPI you want and set up multiple dashboards by the marketplace for each of these KPI’s. I haven’t seen something that comparable from other software in terms of seeing data all in one place the way you want to see it.

Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker

Experienced Amazon Seller

Elite Seller is the only software made for Amazon Account Management companies/agencies like ours. Being able to have customizable dashboards across multiple accounts is essential for us.

Also, I like the feature that allows sharing limited access to various tools for VAs, employees or customers.

James Crisp

James Crisp

Brand Management Agency

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