Training center

Using Elite Seller
How to Customize your Dashboard

Learn how Dashboards can display everything you want to track: widgets, metric cards, charts, product list, P&L.

How to use Customers Manager module

Learn how to gather all of the customers’ information based on the seller accounts enabled.

How to use Products Manager module

Learn how you can group and download your products based on specific conditions that can be combined to create the segment.

How to use Orders Manager module

In this video, you’ll learn how Orders Manager can help to obtain the information desired by order.

Setting Alerts with instant notifications

Learn how you can enable notifications for relevant events and create different notification channels to receive the alerts.

How to use automatic Keyword Tracker

Keep an eye on the keywords your products are ranking for, what products receive the most traffic and for what keywords.

How to use Keywords module

Keywords statistics based on an ASIN, Keyword, or Phrase that you are currently using or are considering using for your product listings.

How to use Reverse ASIN+

Add ASINs in order to keep an eye on the competitor’s product sales, units, price, trends, and other high-relevance statistics.

How to set up Review Requester

Learn how to get more reviews and keep track of the reviews requested by order and review statistics.

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