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Automated Pricing & Analytics To Revolutionize Your Amazon Business

AZ SellerKit is a robust pricing and analytics tool that uses high-level algorithms and efficient automation to establish price points that maximize sales and profitability as well as a full suite of custom reporting for enhanced visibility into your Amazon business 

Furthermore, we will hold your hand throughout the onboarding process with unlimited support calls with the company’s founders to make sure you are getting the most out of AZ SellerKit!

Maximize your profit by letting our software’s algorithm adjust your prices according to the level of your inventory. You choose your days of supply, floor, and ceiling prices and we will make sure your prices increase as you are running low and decrease to your floor price when you are overstocked. This will help you to have a better ACOS if you have variations and to maintain your sales rank so that when you are back in stock it is easier to get back to your peak ranking.

This Strategy is for sellers who know they are always in stock but are looking to see what the price elasticity is for their items. We will test higher price points and pinpoint the items that don’t suffer a decrease in velocity when prices are increased so that you can achieve maximum profitability.

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Lenny Ash

Co-Founder, AZ SellerKit

Maximize sales, increase profits with AZSellerkit. Our robust pricing & analytics tool will help your business find the right price point for each product you own.

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