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The Amazon marketplace gets more competitive for sellers every year.

Growing your Amazon business takes time because you have to study the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace. You don’t have to worry because Blue Bird Marketing Solutions is here.

The complex nature of Amazon marketing takes away time from your business — and that’s where BlueBird Marketing Solutions comes in.

At BlueBird Marketing Solutions, we plan flexible campaigns to allow adjustments that suit your needs along the way. We optimize campaigns based on your customers’ preferences to lead to better conversion rates.

If you dream about being in the upper ranks of Amazon sellers, help is at hand.

Our company was founded by Carlos Alvarez, a top-tier Amazon seller and the creator of Wizards of Amazon, America’s largest meetup group. He and his team have mastered the art of what it takes to be a successful e-commerce seller across all categories including housewares, beauty, food products, lawn and garden, apparel, and more. Now, this information is available to you.

Why is Blue Bird Marketing Solutions here for you? Carlos achieved his success thanks to those that were willing to share their expertise. He created Blue Bird so e-commerce sellers on all platforms would have someone in their corner; someone with the experience they could learn from. Services are affordable, the company is trustworthy, and everyone here truly cares about your success. Take a look at what’s on offer and get in touch today to start your successful Amazon journey. The Blue Bird method works. We know because it’s the one we use for our storefronts too.


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Carlos Alvarez

Founder & CEO, Blue Bird Marketing Solutions

Your all-in-one Amazon success partnership. PPC, Coaching, Account Management, Google SEO. Get the right results, right now and allow your business to leave the nest.

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