Brand Expand

Setting the bar for ranking eCommerce products

BrandExpand™ achieves explosive growth for Amazon and eCommerce brands through extremely effective product giveaways.

Brand Expand is a product launch and ranking agency that drives traffic to your eCommerce listings boosting keyword and product ranking. Currently serving Amazon (US) and Walmart.

Other launch and ranking agencies simply giveaway products. We’ve created a science around it.

Thousands of eCommerce sellers trust Brand Expand as their product launch and ranking agency.

Set up unique product launches with multiple targeted keywords

Target several keywords or unique URLs to construct the perfect launch catered to your product and brand.

Launch and manage advanced daily giveaways Get creative with our advanced daily giveaway feature which allows a varying number of giveaways each day.

Track keyword rankings Use our keyword tracking tool to see a heatmap of where your keywords rank relative to other products.

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Seth Hurd

Founder & CEO

Brand Expand, an essential part of our launch strategy. Our team of trained marksmen deliver consistent and reliable strategies to outmaneuver your competition.

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