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SoStocked is an Amazon inventory management, forecasting, and tracking software with an inventory-marketing mindset that makes managing inventory easier and more realistic.

Developed by a 7-figure Amazon seller and based on extensive feedback from hundreds of sellers, SoStocked is fully customizable and fully understandable so that you can trust the numbers, fine-tune your forecasts, and finally ditch your spreadsheets. SoStocked is fast becoming the go-to tool for Amazon sellers for inventory management.

SoStocked features a fully customizable forecasting formula and an inventory management system to track each product from reordering to FBA, and every other step of the way.

Understand your business better, reorder WHAT you need WHEN you need it.

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Chelsea Cohen

Co-Founder, SoStocked

SoStocked, a software that helps Amazon sellers accurately manage their inventory, forecasting & tracking to scale your business. Simple solutions to complex problems.

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