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We understand the dynamics of Amazon and e-commerce trends, reselling, and the Amazon FBA program. This is why we created a backlog of instructional classes and teachings aimed at bolstering your Amazon and e-commerce sales.

Through in-person and digital meetups, a library of e-commerce classes and training videos, and a community of fellow e-commerce business owners and affiliate resellers, Wizards of Ecom is the perfect hub for facilitating growth and successful e-commerce practices. We encourage any South Florida business owners who either work in e-commerce or are looking to start an Amazon FBA or e-commerce business to join us for our FREE in-person classes, and workshops.

Here you will meet our incredible community members and learn why Wizards of Ecom is a great place to be. If you are interested in getting the most out of your platform, join us for an event!


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Carlos Alvarez

The Wizard of eCom

I’m on a mission to empower brands to take advantage of selling on Amazon and help entrepreneurs break the shackles of their nine to fives and achieve true freedom.

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