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YLT Translations has been established in 2018. and has grown to be a leading Amazon dedicated translation agency, which helps international sellers expand to all international Amazon marketplaces. What makes them so different from other translation agencies is that they have 80 native translators who know Amazon and can do keyword research. Localization is maybe even more important than translations themselves because you have to adjust your products to the target audience. Without localization and using the right keywords, potential buyers would not be able to understand or find your product.

We offer product listing translations for six countries, including five countries in the European Amazon marketplace (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the UK), which are growing every day.

We are the ONLY agency on the market that offers Listing Optimization for all international markets, in all languages out there – keep those listings updated!

We can also proudly say that we are one of the few services that offer product listing translations into Japanese for Amazon Japan.

What makes us different and better than other Amazon listing translators?

Aside from employing experienced translators with the necessary skills to research, provide high-quality Amazon product translations and localize them for your target market, we use also our PPC knowledge!

When a regular translation agency receives short and long descriptions of a product, they generally only translate the text, without doing the necessary background research with additional research tools. The secret to having a good Amazon product translation is:

a. accommodating the description to the native language

  • All our translators are native speakers, and they provide translations written in the spirit of the target language

b. using tools such as Jungle scout, Merchant words, Google Keywords Planner, Helium 10, and Sonar (the only tool specialized in keyword research for foreign languages) to do the research for the product descriptions the seller needs.

c. using Backend Keyword Strings to help Amazon’s A9 algorithm recognize your products as relevant for the desired search terms, and to get your products properly indexed.

By combining these three things, not repeating keywords more than once in translations, using synonyms, and other similar tactics, we can guarantee that you will get perfectly optimized product listings for the Amazon markets you want to sell on.

YLT provides you with relevant and quality Backend Keyword Strings, which will not only increase the visibility of your product in search results but will also help you boost your sales.


Contact details:

Jana Krekic

Founder & CEO, YLT Translations

Your listings copy matters most especially in foreign marketplaces. Our team of linguistic experts will make sure your business is fluent in every language.

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