Elite Seller customizable dashboard is a very powerful tool. Let’s take a look at what you can do with it.


There are 6 kinds of widgets. You can add them by clicking on the +Add Widget button:

  • Single Metric Charts Each one of these graphics has the detail on how they are being calculated under the title. So you can browse through the catalog and insert the ones you want to work with.
  • Single Metric Cards Depending on the subject,these cards will show the average information and tendency from the selected period you are working with.
  • Metrics comparisons Contrast two metrics from the ones in the catalog.
  • Account comparison Compare two high-relevance statistics between seller accounts.
  • List Creates a product table with daily sales statistics so you can track and customize the relevant data you want to for your ASINS.
  • Generic Charts. The widgets in the other tabs are presets based on these widgets. You can use the generic widgets to build your own widget from the ground up.

‣All widgets can be adjusted in size, moved around, and are totally customizable.

‣Click on the three-dot menu and the ‘edit’ icon to edit them.

‣You can export as an image your widgets too.

Customizable Dashboard -Export as an image

How To Edit a Widget:

  1. Click on the three-dots menu
  2. Click on ‘edit’ and change the title of the widget.
  3. Lock down the data for the widget to one account. Normally the data of the widget is grouped by the selected seller accounts at the top.
  4. Select the time range. The graph or card will update and show the corresponding data. (The date range selector at the top won’t affect the widgets locked by a time range)
  5. Choose the type of graphic you feel most comfortable with, lines, bars, or both.
  6. Click on ‘Save Widget’ and it will appear on your dashboard page.
Customizable Dashboard-Edit widget

This blue warning is only indicating that the information displayed by the graph is for a specific seller account.

Customizable Dashboard-Blue warning

The calendar indicates the set time range for the widget.

Customizable Dashboard-Calendar

To hide or show each metric on the graph, click on the name and it will be automatically adjusted.

Customizable Dashboard-Hide or show metric

Select the time range for the dashboard

As all of the graphics are operated based on date ranges, you can click on the date selector at the top left of the dashboard to see the options available.

You can choose by day, week, month, year, or custom time range, click on each date range to open the available options.

Note. When closed, it will always show the current period you are using.

Customizable Dashboard-Select Time Range

For the Custom time range, it will open a calendar where you can select the start and end dates.

Customizable Dashboard-Custom Time Range

Granularity: Adjust it by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

Note. The granularity will affect how your graphics information will be displayed.

Customizable Dashboard-Granularity

How to Add a New Tab:

  1. Click on the ‘Add tab’ button.
  2. Enter a title
  3. Select the desired template. Currently, we have Blank, Overview, and PPC but there are new ones to be added soon.
Customizable Dashboard-Add new tab


Blank Template

This template will allow you to customize and choose the widgets as desired.

The tabs are totally customizable, to edit them click on the three-dot menu and ‘edit’.

Customizable Dashboard-Blank Templetes

Overview Template

This will show multiple widgets containing mainly your sales, incomes, costs, and orders data.

One of the most helpful charts from the overview is the Sales Breakdown. This is a quick and full view of revenues as for the PPC sales, Discounted sales, and Organic sales.

You can also see your costs for your Promotions, PPC costs, Amazon fees, Refunds, Cost of goods, Reimbursements, and the Profits and Margin of all along with more information. Metrics can be hidden or shown by clicking on them.

P&L: The Sales Breakdown graph also contains a profit and loss statement that describes in detail your revenue, sales, fees, promotions, taxes, shipping, gift wrap, refunds, COGS, and advertising costs.

Customizable Dashboard-Overview Template

To open the P&L Report, Click on ‘More Details’, and you can also export this file.

As in the blank template, all the widgets are movable and adjustable.

PPC template

This template will show all of the data related to the Pay Per Click concept along with the specific comparative charts and cards that we have for this subject.

Quick and Simple Way to Keep Track of the Alerts Logs 

How to Add the Alerts Log Widget to the Dashboard:

1. Click on ‘Dashboard’ in the left-hand menu

2. Determine the tab you would like to add the Product List Widget to by clicking on the tab. The tab selected will be underlined, OR add a new tab.

Customizable Dashboard-Add the Alert Log widget

3. Click on the +Add Widget Button.

Customizable Dashboard-Click button

4. Search for ‘Alerts’

5. Click the button ‘Add to tab’

Alerts Log widget can be locked by:

  • Seller account(s).
  • Type
  • Number of Alerts displayed.

For the seller account and type settings, the widget will respect the locks no matter what accounts are enabled using the Seller Accounts selector.

Customizable Dashboard-Seller Account
  • The widget will show an exclamation mark indicating it is blocked to a seller account.
Customizable Dashboard-Exclamation Mark


  • Sort them by Product, Date, Status, Type, Seller Account, and ASIN.
  • Drag and drop the columns to arrange them as desired.

Export the Alerts Log Widget as an image

Click on the three dots menu at the top right corner of the widget and select ‘export as image’ a screenshot of your widget will be automatically downloaded containing all the products and columns in your widget.

Customizable Dashboard-Export as Image
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