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3 Ways to Prevent Amazon Listing Hijacking

Doina Chilat Copywriter

Doina Chilat

Content Writer

Vanessa Hung - Elite Seller Show Episode 5


“Don’t waste your money absolute JUNK!” Imagine waking up to one-star rating reviews from customers receiving products that look nothing like your listing images. Or waking up to having multiple sellers on your Amazon listing.  

Who could have mercilessly taken over your top-rated Amazon products?
The answer is simple: Highjackers!

Ranging from cheap, counterfeit versions of your product to Chinese low-quality duplicates, most Amazon hijackers have been creeping up more and more, becoming a serious threat to marketplace sellers. 

In this blog, we’ll cover three things you can do to help prevent Amazon hijackers from vandalizing your listings. But before that, let’s make sure you understand who you’re dealing with. 

Who are Amazon Hijackers?

A hijacker is another Amazon seller who is using your ASIN to sell a counterfeit version of your product under your listing. This knock-off, cheap duplicates will easily steal your product listing’s Buy Box or appear in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section of your listing. 

Not only will you lose sales due to the hijacker’s low-quality products, but you will also have many dissatisfied customers who leave bad reviews on your listing.

How to fend off Amazon Hijackers? 

#1: Fill out every single field in your listing 
Beyond constantly monitoring your listing, filling out every single open field will cut out the possibility for hijackers to spam out your product listing with irrelevant information. In case the information isn’t relevant for your product put “N/A”. 

#2: Have your brand trademarked
Always display your logo and trademark on your products, either on the physical item, packaging, or listing images. Branding your products will deter scammers from trying to counterfeit your products, and even if they do, customers will immediately realize the scam and report it to Amazon. 

#3: Register your brand on Amazon
Enrolling your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry will make the barrier between your listing and hijackers much higher. This program gives you more features to prove your brand ownership against scammers knocking off your brand, and ensure that your authored content shows up on the listing.

Next steps…

For more ways to deal with changes in the Amazon catalog, grab some popcorn and check out this recent episode of the Elite Seller Show with Vanessa Hung from Online Seller Solutions.

In this edition, we get into trench warfare of the sneaky tactics that get used by sellers against sellers that could decimate your portfolio and how to combat, prevent, and control who lays their fingers on your backend.

We’ll discuss:

  • Why changes happen in your Amazon Catalog
  • How to prevent and protect your brand from it
  • How can sellers know about these changes
  • Ways to fix outside changes and stay on top of your Catalog
  • Flat files and their power to control the listings
  • What type of seller gets affected by Catalog issues most often

Tune in right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or watch all our video content on our YouTube channel.

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